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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adult Americans and most adults deal with it at one time or another, and increasingly as we age.  While it is largely preventable with regular dental visits and good oral hygiene, certain factors – like genetics and hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy – make some people more susceptible to periodontal disease than others.

In its earliest stages gum disease is called gingivitis, characterized by puffy, bleeding gums. In its most advanced stages it’s called periodontitis and is characterized by the breakdown of the bone and tissues that support teeth.

Basically, what we’ve probably all heard since childhood is true. The mouth is a pretty dirty place, host to many, many different kinds of bacteria. That bacteria mixes with left over bits of food, saliva and mucous to form a sticky substance called plaque. If the plaque stays on your teeth long enough it hardens into tartar.

Tartar gives bacteria a place to shelter and flourish, and left long enough teeth become loose and begin to shift and the body begins reabsorbing the alveolar bone that supports teeth, creating a perfect storm that ends up with dentures.

Be sure to check out the following links for more information on periodontal disease:


National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research:

While the airways are clogged with ads for dental products, most of us are left wondering if there are more natural solutions for periodontal disease than the alcohol and chemical-laden drug store pastes and rinses we see on TV. Fortunately, alternatives do exist. A solution of hydrogen peroxide and water can be a simple and economical rinse to use twice daily to reduce bacteria in the mouth.

Neem, a natural antibacterial from the tree of the same name, has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Before the invention of disposable plastic toothbrushes, people would chew the tiny branches of the neem tree to clean their teeth.

A fascinating study from India estimates that 80 percent of the nation’s rural poor still use neem sticks for oral care. Remarkably, the study concludes neem sticks to be just as effective as regular tooth brushing at reducing plaque and gum inflammation.

If you care to read the whole report, it can be found here: <>

Neem sticks may be a little hard to find in the United States, but plenty of Ayurvedic toothpastes contain it. Try your local health food store.

Another common ingredient in natural dental pastes and rinses is extracts from Salvadora persica, or as it is commonly known, the toothbrush tree. Native to Africa, the World Health Organization recommends using branches of this tree for brushing as equal to or better than traditional Western methods. You can read more here:

Of course, if you do end up having to get dental work done, it’s best to stock up on plenty of smoothie ideas and ingredients since most dentists recommend soft, nutritious foods during recovery.

So Healthy Smoothie

So-Healthy Smoothie

Serves 4


  • 1 cup fat-free milk
  • 1/4 cup orange juice
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 small banana, sliced and frozen
  • 2/3 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 cup chopped peeled mango, frozen
  • 1-1/4 cups frozen unsweetened sliced peaches


In a blender, combine all ingredients; cover and process until smooth. Pour into chilled glasses; serve immediately. Yield: 4 servings.


Go Green – Dr Oz has!

Go Green

I drink green tea three times a day. It’s packed with heart-boosting and cancer-stopping polyphenols that black tea doesn’t offer. (These beneficial chemicals are lost when it’s fermented.) Green tea also delivers a boost of alertness, but from a smaller dose of caffeine than black tea. Green tea can even fight dandruff, although only if you pour it directly onto your scalp. (It’s probably a good idea to let it cool down first.)

MatchaGT is a great way to start your exercise routine!

Read more: Dr_Oz_Tip_14
You should always check with your health care provider before beginning a new health program.


Getting more from our exercise programs is always a bonus.

What if a cup of Matcha could help reduce your tummy fat?

Green tea plus exercise speeds the loss of tummy fat – LA Times January 20, 2009 Per the Journal of Nutrition

“Consumption Enhances Exercise-Induced Abdominal Fat Loss in Overweight and Obese Adults”

The study showed that adults who participated and maintained a set caloric intake plus 180 minutes a week of exercise (lets hear it for those 10,000 steps a day) showed greater decline in abdominal fat.

Take a moment and blend or shake yourself up some MatchaGT! Increase the power of Matcha by adding additional boots such as MultiVitamin, Energy, and Women’s Blend. With germ season about to open with the start of school how about some Immune Support!
So try this one on instead:



Matcha GT Energy Shot 4 oz

4 oz milk (soy, vanilla soy, 2% etc,)

1 scoop Matcha GT

4 oz ice

Shake in bar shaker

MatchaGT Latte

Matcha GT Latte 12 oz                                                                    

2 oz milk

2 scoops of Matcha GT & stir

Steamed milk to top of cup

Break a Sweat

Sweat Till You’re Wet

If you can work up a sweat for just 1 hour a week, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits: reduced risk of heart attack, better mood, and lower blood pressure. I like interval training on the elliptical, with 15 pullups and 15 dips every 10 minutes. Your muscles will become more efficient, so you’ll have more stamina for more enjoyable activities that also work up a sweat.

Men’s Health tip:

Read more: Dr Oz Tip 17

Inspired by Dr. Oz and his article in Men’s Health.  I wanted to know what the difference was between breaking a sweat and not breaking a sweat when it comes to exercise.  It seems like there are millions sites and a million ways to exercise and not break a sweat but really how healthy are we being by not breaking a sweat?I went to University of Michigan’s website and reviewed Dr Zernicke’s article “Breaking a sweat good for strengths throwing bones”.

“Physical activity,
exercise and sport all provide a variety of benefits to our heart, lungs and other vital organs.  Researchers at the University of Michigan have confirmed that exercise is just as important for a healthy skeletal system.

Dr. Ronald Zernicke director of the University of Michigan bone and joint injury prevention and rehabilitation Center concluded that exercise –  specifically weight-bearing activities such as running gymnastics basketball and dancing – are effective in building and enhancing overall bone health.”

He also noted that physically demanding continuous exercise regimes are not necessarily the best activities to build and enhance bone health. Dr Zernicke says rest periods within exercise plans can help stimulate bone growth as much if not more than the activities executed without rest.

“Physical activity is absolutely beneficial for overall bone health.”

Dr Zernicke recommends

Participate in weight-bearing activities such as dancing jumping in running these activities will be more effective for bone health than non-weight-bearing activities like swimming and cycling.

Encourage adolescents to exercise because they have a window of opportunity to have enhanced bone mass and strength that will carry on for the rest of our lives.  Activities they can influence good good health in adolescence include aerobics football and jumping activities.

Incorporate rest periods into an exercise plan instead of continuous physical activity, break up exercises into multiple sessions so your body can rest. Periods of rest will help your bones program themselves for strength building and improvement.

Exercise no matter what your age – activities for older populations such as walking can be effective in enhancing bone health,  especially in older man and postmenopausal women.

Don’t think that inactivity protects your bones –  not providing the body with exercise and physical activity can actually cause bones to become weak and brittle.  For older populations, a brisk walk can strengthen bones and benefit the body beyond simply bone building.

Consult a physician before starting any exercise program.

Thanks Dr Zernicke and the University of Michigan for letting us know we need to take breaks, that rest is important, that we need weight-bearing activities to maintain healthy bones.

So do you need to break a sweat or can we have the beautiful body without one?

The answers is probably you can probably have some of both but the real truth this is that as much as you can have a beautiful body without breaking a sweat you can’t have beautiful bones with out the weight bearing exercises.

Stress Relief through Piggy Banks

How can we relieve stress through our piggy banks?

How can you do that considering the economy?

I was inspired by Dr. Oz article in Men’s Health Magazine.

Stress relief through financial security makes sense; there is nothing as stressful as not knowing what the future’s going to hold and wondering if you can financially afford to have a future is very stressful.

There are many ways that we can make changes to change our future; the first most obvious one is stop super sizing.  In America we have a super size mentality; we go through the drive through – small medium large extra large. How would you like your order and no matter where we’re going there’s always a question – small medium large or extra large and when it comes to clothing those sizes can go even larger.  We are a consumer nation; all around us costly and constant bombarding is always there.

It’s time for change; small change first; stop super sizing do you need the $80,000 car or will the nice $24,000 economy vehicle with amazing gas mileage do you just as well?  Do you need that large mocha frapuccino or could you go smaller or order a coffee and place that extra change into your piggy bank? Can you order a small instead of a large or super size and place the difference into your savings?

Credit cards – did you know if you use over 30% of your credit per card if it actually maybe harming your credit score? This little industry detail (that no one knows of) has created this monster of poverty that we see. It’s time to take a step back; it’s time to use our money wisely. Remember that it’s a voting tool and to put some of it away to ensure that stress is lower in coming years.

So – stress relief through piggy banks – I think the answer is actually fairly simple take your check and take 10-20% put it aside in something that earns some interest; stocks, bonds, real estate and let it be the beginning of your stress free piggy bank.  We often say that $20 isn’t enough to make a change.  I disagree $20 every 2 weeks into a savings account that then eventually moves into an investment account is the beginning it doesn’t have to be $1 million or even $1000 you’re $20 savings added to the next savings added to the next can be amazing I remember, when I was small, there was always this math problem and it was really hard to get my head around it.

Which is more being given $1 million or one penny the first day, double that penny the next day than doubled the previous days pennies and so on for a month?

It certainly looks as if $1 million is more than all those pennies added up because each penny is worth so little.

How could even a whole LOT of pennies be anywhere near $1 million?

If we think about this problem carefully, we will find there’s a surprising answer.  I’ve looked at this problem my entire life; it’s hard to visualize.

The first day you get one penny, day 2 you get to two pennies (thusyou have three pennies now) and the 3rd day you get four pennies, by day 5 you have 16 pennies added to the savings which adds to 31 cents.  By day 30 the total number of Pennies is 1,073,741,823 pennies!  yes that’s over a billion pennies!  If we divide that number by 100 because there’s 100 pennies in the dollar that’s almost $11 million!  $10,737,418.23 to be exact.

So take that $20 and put it in your saving; no now in 30 days it won’t be almost $11 million unless you follow the formula but it’s a start and everyone has to start somewhere.  Every little penny counts and when they’re all added up in the end – you have financial security.

Thanks for reading Stress Relief through Piggy Banks; have a wonderful week.

Numbers Count

Know Your Numbers, Then Aim Lower

Take the part of your brain dedicated to your steak house’s phone number and reassign it to your heart’s vital signs. These include blood pressure (which ideally should be below 115 over 75), LDL cholesterol (under 100), resting heart rate (under 70), and fasting blood sugar (under 100). If your numbers aren’t ideal, change your diet until they improve.

Men’s Health tip: It doesn’t take drastic changes: Check out how real guys have lost 2 million pounds on the Belly Off! diet. Read more: Dr Oz Tip 18

There are many ways to lower ones numbers but before you begin you have to know your numbers. Schedule a check up with your doctor and learn what your numbers mean to you life and your health. Real Manly Reasons To See your Doctor ~ WebMD What to Expect

3 Quick Healthy Steps

  1. Walk
  2. Oatmeal boosted with almonds and flaxseed
  3. Go Green!

Three little changes that can not only improve one’s health but prolong one’s life.

1. – WALK – walk – walk

From blood pressure to heart rate to cholesterol to sugar levels all benefit from a nice walk. Daily of course is best but even every other day has benefits. Add in a step counter (often less than $5) and goal for 10,000 steps. Start slow and gain over time. As health and stamina improve change things up with a walk up and down a set of stairs. Add in just three steps or four – the changes don’t need to be huge. Then when you are ready add small hand weights. And remember GO SLOW! Really the reason Tai Chi works is because it’s slow – extreme control.

2. Oatmeal

The number one super food for all of these is Oatmeal. Yes oatmeal. Your Mom’s daily servings as a kid gave you the foundation for a healthy heart. Now with the options available your oatmeal doesn’t have to be the same old thing. Oats are rich in beta-glucan, a soluble fiber. By adding in almonds and flax seed your oatmeal works harder. Almonds contain two powerful antioxidants – vitamin E and flavonoids – which prevent the oxidation of LDL. Flaxseeds contain lignan and soluble fiber, which block the production of LDL and increase your body’s ability to get rid of cholesterol.


Greens – Low levels of magnesium in the body are associated with vasoconstriction—tightening of the arteries—making a smaller passageway for blood to flow and, subsequently, increasing blood pressure. Leafy greens, whole grains, a wide assortment of beans and halibut are great sources of magnesium.

Spinach Salad with Fresh Fish – Halibut or Salmon is a good way to GREEN one’s table!

Spinach My Green of Choice


It’s an easy salad to add to ones diet.  It’s rich deep green leaves are packed with (via vitamins and minerals – a very complete list can be found on Spinach Words.

Topped with a nice Omega3 rich fish spinach becomes a healthy powerhouse.

Introspectively a close look at the various ailments will show that exercise, a fiber rich diet that includes both grains and greens and consistent water intake are the keys to moving fat and cholesterol through the body.

These few changes will also assist in preventing strokes, intestinal ailments, heart disease in both men and women, diabetes and in some cases help control diabetes, assist with hypoglycemia, and much more. 

Three little changes that can not only improve one’s health but prolong one’s life.

An Active Romance Life is Heart Healthy!

Sex is Healthy and doctors have been saying so for years.

This isn’t about movie sex or the pretends we are inundated with on a daily basis. As a culture there is a multitude of stigmas surrounding sex and sexuality.  The fact is as much as sex sells; it also heals.

  • Sex Relieves Stress – increasing levels of oxytocin and stimulating relaxation
  • Sex Boosts Immunity – linked with higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA, which can protect you from getting colds and other infections
  • Sex Burns Calories – burn about 200 calories in 30 minutes of sex
  • Sex Improves Cardiovascular Health – may help lower cholesterol and the risk of heart attack
  • Sex Boosts Self-Esteem – increases the youth-promoting hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrostone)
  • Sex Improves Intimacy – oxytocin at orgasm stimulates feelings of affection, intimacy, and closeness
  • Sex Reduces Pain – thanks to the endorphins and corticosteroids released during sexual arousal and orgasm
  • Sex Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk – sex appears to decrease a man’s risk of prostate cancer, and the prevention of endometriosis in women
  • Sex Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscle – increased muscle use means less later life incontinence
  • Sex Helps You Sleep Better – oxytocin released during orgasm also promotes sleep

And that’s just the beginning.

Queens University in Belfast tracked the mortality of about 1,000 middle-aged men over the course of a decade. The study was designed to compare persons of comparable circumstances, age and health. Its findings, published in 1997 in the British Medical Journal, were that men who reported the highest frequency of orgasm enjoyed a death rate half that of the slackers.

Have as Much Sex as Possible

If a 50-something man could have sex 700 times a year, the exercise and stress reduction would make him look and feel years younger.  I wouldn’t recommend quitting your day job in order to hit that number—but what’s the harm in trying? The next time your loved one says she has a headache, tell her she’s literally killing you. It works for me.

Men’s Health tip: Use this fun schedule to have sex eight times this week.

Read more: Dr Oz Tip 17



Sexual Healing Smoothie


    • 1/2 ripe banana, sliced
    • 1/2 cup blueberry low-fat yogurt
    • 1/4 cup ice
    • 1 tablespoon honey
    • 1 scoop libido blend by smoothie essentials
    • 1 scoop trim and fit blend by smoothie essentials

  • 2 tablespoons pecans, toasted, plus more for garnish
  • Dash freshly grated nutmeg, plus more for garnish


1. Purée all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Pour into a chilled glass, and garnish with toasted pecans and grated nutmeg; serve.

Lift that weight – don’t carry it!

It may sound silly but weight training does in deed build mental focus and thus strengthen your mind as well as your muscles.  Bicep curls and leg lifts are easy and can be done even sitting; squats are a bit more challenging,  All are considered strength training and have been shown to  decrease insulin resistance, decrease resting blood pressure, reduce arthritis pain, even improve memory.

Start with stretching!

Even those confined to a chair can stretch.  Reach for the ceiling and reach for the floor.  Reach while hugging yourself!  Reach for that refridge door!  Don’t forget to do each side equally.  Hold a can of beans in each hand while you do it and add just a touch of extra weight without over doing it.  Have a rubber band well give it some tugs – about 12 will do.  Pull out slowly and gently as far as feels good then back in again slow and gentle.

Remember – SLOW and GENTLE!!

Fast is great for the heart but sprains don’t always heal well.  Slowing down and doing less but with greater focus improves your strength and your focus affecting both your muscles and your brain.

Have you considered TAI CHI?

Tai chi is sometimes referred to as “moving meditation”—practitioners move their bodies slowly, gently, and with awareness, while breathing deeply. The slow movement and self control moves one gently while building strength with no accessories but the natural resistance of gravity and self.

Per Dr Oz

Add Some Weights

Just 30 minutes twice a week spent lifting weights can build significant muscle mass. What’s more, working all that muscle burns tons of calories, making it a great way to lose your gut, too. Don’t have weights? Try lifting yourself: Pullups are the most valuable muscle-building exercises I do. Oprah’s trainer, Bob Greene, pointed out to me that pullups work the back, pecs, arms, and belly all at once. And since you’re lifting yourself, you’ll think twice before eating that doughnut, because you’ll just have to lift it later.

Read more: Dr_Oz_Tip_19

Rehydration Smoothie

from O Magazine

serves 1

1 cup watermelon chunks, frozen*

1/2 cup coconut water

1 1/2 teaspoons fresh lime juice, from 1/2 lime

4 to 5 mint leaves

4 ice cubes

Combine ingredients in a blender and process until smooth. Serve immediately.

*A little hint about freezing melon chunks. Chunk the melon fairly small, into about 1/2-inch cubes. Also, freeze the cubes flat, in a single layer.

Variations: Mango, honeydew, strawberries, blueberries, even a bit of frappe mix or matchagt!

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