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In the realm of of body aches, perhaps no other issue can be as debilitating as a migraine. Those who have not had one may think of a migraine as a severe common headache.  But it’s not…A migraine is significantly more excruciating.

A migraine is a collection of neurological symptoms that usually includes a severe recurring intense throbbing pain on one side of the head accompanied by one or more of the following: visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, extreme sensitivity to sound, light, touch and smell, and tingling or numbness in the extremities or face. (

If you suffer from migraines, chances are you know the precursors leading up to one.  Many report having auras (a group of symptoms), or vision anomalies prior to getting a migraine. Other warning signs include yawning, difficulty concentrating, nausea, and trouble finding the right words.

Certain foods, environments, activities and physical stress and body chemistry may act as triggers for a migraine. “Triggers” are specific factors that may increase your risk of having a migraine attack. (

Migraine ranks in the top 20 of the world’s most disabling medical illnesses. Amazingly, over 10% of the population, including children, suffers from migraine. More than 90% of sufferers are unable to work or function normally during their migraine attacks. And women are more likely to get them than men.

While you may wonder if such a severe pain is related to something else, true migraine headaches are not a result of a brain tumor or other serious medical problem. However, only an experienced health care provider can determine whether your symptoms are due to a migraine or another condition.

There is no specific test to prove that your headache is actually a migraine. However, your doctor may order a brain MRI or CT scan if you have never had one before or if you have unusual symptoms with your migraine, including weakness, memory problems, or loss of alertness.

Most people start treating their migraines with over the counter medications such as aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen. If you have frequent migraines, your doctor may prescribe medicine to reduce the number of attacks. You may need to take the medicine every day for it to be effective. (

There are a number of alternative methods for treating migraines. These include acupuncture, biofeedback (relaxation techniques), massage and chiropractic treatments. In addition, there some herbs, vitamins a minerals that have shown to be effective – there is some evidence that the herbs feverfew and butterbur (these should not be taken if you are pregnant) may prevent migraines or reduce their severity. A high dose of riboflavin (vitamin B-2) or magnesium also may prevent migraines by correcting tiny deficiencies in the brain cells. (,

Move-Over-Migraine Green Smoothie

migraines DSC_0060

(Makes 4 cups)

  • Magnesium content in parenthesis
  • 1 frozen banana (33mg)
  • 1 cup cooked spinach (158mg)
  • 1-2 dates (3-6mg)
  • 1 cup almond milk (<20mg?)
  • 1/4 avocado (18mg)
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats (56 mg)
  • 1 tbsp natural peanut butter (25mg)
  • 1/4 cup wheat germ, raw (69mg)
  • 1 tbsp ground flax seeds (35mg)
  • 1 tbsp blackstrap molasses (43mg)
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon (for taste)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract (for taste)

Note: You could also dump more greens in there, like mixed greens or kale, to make this a super-green smoothie, which is just great for your health all around!

Total: Approximately 463 mg of magnesium (DV is 400mg)!

Boil spinach in small pot (set aside to cool, retain liquid). Meanwhile, blend oats, peanut butter, wheat germ, flax, dates, and almond milk together until liquefied. Add banana and avocado and blend fully (adding more water or milk if too thick). Add spinach (with liquid), molasses, cinnamon, and vanilla and a handful of ice to regain icy consistency. (Or if you have a high-powered blender like a Vitamix, just dump everything in at once!)



About MatchaGT by ShelleRae

Welcome! I am ShelleRae and I am very excited you are here. I joined the Smoothie Essentials team about 5 years ago now. Always health conscious and into prevention versus medication it seemed natural when the opportunity came up to take on the creation of this blog and the Smoothie Essentials blog as well. As mother to three and surrogate to many more I've practiced much of what I write on sometimes with great success and other times with a bit less. My friends and family are my test kitchen and my facts are most often from WebMD - they seem to have a fairly accurate and conservative approach. MatchaGT – the super premium Matcha Green Tea Introducing Matcha GT, the super premium Matcha Green Tea. Matcha GT is nature’s natural source of energy and antioxidants. Used for centuries in Japanese tea ceremonies, Matcha provides a powerful pick-me-up plus antioxidants and other health benefits to keep the body, mind and spirit in perfect balance. While many forms of green tea are strained or brewed, Matcha GT uses the whole tea leaf providing the full benefits and bold taste of whole green tea powder. My inspiration comes from others who also are striving to live a better life through lifestyle changes. More information is available at or by emailing Benefits: Natural Caffeine – longer lasting energy Antioxidants – to fight cancer causing free radicals Chlorophyll – powerful blood cleanse Coffee concepts and juice bars across North America including Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Smoothie King, and Booster Juice have recently started selling Matcha Green Tea smoothies, frappes, and lattes, promoting the great taste and health benefits of green tea.

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